ASANA/Outlook Desktop Integration

Looking for a solution to integrate microsoft outlook to asana. I have attempted this on a few occasions and it appears there is no integration for asana to outlooks desktop app. There may be an add in for outlook web based product but we only use desktop app.

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Hi @Justin_Poma
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Have a look at these articles/documentations

and also check out this Zapier integration


Hi SaM, thank you for your reply. My issue is I am not able to get the asana plugin to work with my Outlook 365 desktop app. Evidently, you can only utilize the add-in through the web version. Can you confirm this? If so I may need to look into switching my outlook from the desktop version to web-based but just not sure what that entails.

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Hi @Justin_Poma,
Please have a look at this post

Im using Outlook for Mac (desktop) and I do have the Asana integration showing FYI.