Asana Add-on for Desktop Outlook

I have added to Asana addon to Web Outlook but when I have tried to get it on my Windows Deskop Outlook I cannot see where. I have looked up other articles and it was suggested to add separately but the Marketplace link only takes me to the web version. How can I download to add into my Desktop version? I do not have Exchange.

Are you syncing another mail server to Outlook other than exchange.

Hello James,
I only have 3 mail accounts set up as imap and they are domaim emails. Nothing fancy.

@Jenny_Eaton it is my understanding and trialing of Asana’s Outlook Add-in that it will not work with anything but Exchange and will not work with IMAP accounts to Outlook. But the good news is that (my very powerful Outlook add-in) will work with any type of email host within Outlook on a desktop running Windows. There is a free 30 day trial on the website.

Thank you James. I thought as much after thrashing out Google. It would have been helpful to have seen a guide on how it installs/works with desktop Outlook which probably would have had the server required info. The only information I could find showed installation on web Outlook. Thank you for your reply. :smile:

@James_Carl - I have an account setup with Exchange but am still unable to see the Asana add-in in the desktop Outlook 2016 application. I see it fine in the browser version, but nowhere in the desktop app. Help?

I am also having the same problem. I am using exchange server the Outlook Desktop 2016. It works fine in the Web version, but won’t install properly for desktop.