Asana for Outlook Add-In not working in Outlook application

Any progress on the fix?
It works on the O365 web portal, but not outlook on desktop if that helps.
It works well other not operating on the desktop platform.

Hi Adrian and thank for the report! We have already resolved on issue (Enable to download the Asana for Outlook integration - #8 by Marie) but this is something different. Our Team is still investigating the problem within the Outlook Integration; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update, thank you so much for your patience!

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Hi @Adrian_Marshall !

Our Team has pushed a fix for this issue, can you please let us know if it works on your end or if you’re still running into trouble?

Many thanks for your patience and cooperation!

Great work team!
All fixed and up and running. I’ll do a little more testing before pushing out to the rest of group.
Cheers for the speed recovery!

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled the add-in, but still have the same issue with the desktop Outlook (and it is working on O365). Do I need to do something else to make it work? Here is the error I am getting:


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Hi @Sean_Bleything,

Could you please send the information below to our support team? They will be in a better position to trouble this further with you!

  • Screenshot of the error message (including your full browser window)
  • Version of your Outlook Desktop app
  • Outlook email address

I am having the same issue. I installed the add in but it does not appear anywhere in Outlook 2016. When I do to Office 365 I see it but not on desktop.

Hi @Lori_Reed, theOutlook web version and desktop application are completely separate, so you need to install it separately on your Outlook app!

Hi Marie,

I am having also one of these peculiar Asana<->Outlook Add-In problems. I wonder if you can be of assistance?

After being prompted the popup in Asana for the available integration with outlook I followed all the steps. The result - installing via the marketplace brought me a functional add-in in the outlook-web-app of my company. This works fine all be it somewhat considerably slower than I would have expected.
But I use the Outlook Desktop client for most of my workday. (Win 10, Outlook 2016, exchange-mailboxes)
The option I chose: In the ribbon open the MS Store for Add-Ins. Search ‘Asana’ → select 'Asana for Outlook (this shows the same Version, published 17.10.2018 as the one in the marketplace (Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource) but it has no stars and customer-feedback in contrast to the marketplace.
I can press the button Add (“Hinzufügen” in german) - it seems to install, changes Icon to “Added” - if I go back it appears in my Add-Ins under “Store-Add-Ins”.
BUT if I close the store (or even restart Outlook) and reopen the store from the ribbon, then it has vanished from my Store-Add-Ins.
Obivously the Add-In itself (logo, functions, menu etc.) never appeared in my Desktop Outlook Client.

What did I do wrong - how can I get it to work?
I would be glad if I could help investigate the matter, if you guide me in the right direction…

cheers Kai

Hi @Kai_Hock and so sorry for the trouble!

Just to confirm, by “exchange-mailboxes”, do you mean " On-premises Exchange Server"?

Unfortunately On-premises Exchange Server isn’t supported at the moment (you can learn more about it here) so if you’re using this version it would explain why it’s not working!

Hi Marie,

thank you so much for your quick reply.
As far as I understand the term ‘on-premise’ (I am not a native english speaker) it would refer to servers administered at our own company, which is not the case.
We use a hoster ( where we have an exchange server to use our cloud based e-mail-services.
I specified it to say that we are using the exchange-protocol not for instance imap.
Since it is working with the web-app, which is the same server, just a different method of accessing it, I assumed the Desktop Client should work as well.

HI @Kai_Hock and thanks for the follow-up!

“On-premises Exchange Server” refers to any servers that don’t belong to Microsoft, so by using, you’re actually using an external “On-Premise” server. The reason why the add-in works with the web Outlook app, is because the Outlook web version works with Microsoft servers, while your Desktop app works with the servers.

Hope that makes sense, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for the explanation. This means the plugin is sadly not usable for our organization.
Do you have plans to make the plugin work for cases like ours too?

I have to say I am not totally convinced though, since I explicitly chose the plugin for the web-app to work on ‘our’ Outlook web-App running on the server of our hoster… ( - there is as far as I know no Microsoft owned server involved.

Earlier in the year I found which seemed to work quite similarly to the here discussed original Asana for Outlook Add-In, although it was quite slow, with some hickups so I hoped for a new chance this time. Sad, but it seems we have to wait.

Appreciate the feedback @Kai_Hock; I’ll make sure to escalate this feedback to our Team and see if they can work with Microsoft to offer the addin to a broader range of users. I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have any update.

Sendana is also a very popular product; if you’re running into trouble, feel free to reach out via DM to @James_Carl who developed the app, he will surely be able to help! has undergone many upgrades of features and performance since the beginning of the year. You may see some of the additions from the attached. We also have caching of data as an option should someone be working over a slower internet. We have users that have it on a hosted network. It is a .com app requiring local installation versus Outlook in the Clouds. So if you would like to try another trial, just contact me. Sendana works with exchange and Outlook IMAP. We are very diligent on following up on reported bugs albeit we have not had anything that ended up being a software bug that we know of for quite some time. The most frequent item are locked down security for installation. Again I would be happy to work with you to see if it meets your needs. Jim

Hello! I’m receiving the same error message as @Sean_Bleything for the Outlook 2016 Desktop app (version 16.0.9126.2315). What can I do to fix this?


Hi Marie,
I can install the plugin for Outlook Web App but I find any way to download and install it for the Outlook 2016 desktop app. Do you have any suggestions?
Best regards,

Hi @Pelle_Wijk - if you want to grab Marie’s attention best thing to do is use the @mention technique @Marie will get a notification to say you tried contacting her.

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Hi @Manjari_Subramanian, could you please follow these steps to contact our support team?

Many thanks!

Hi @Pelle_Wijk and thanks for the mention @Ruth_Newnham.

@Pelle_Wijk can you confirm you tried to follow the steps outlined by this other user?