Where to download the Outlook Addon for desktop


I can’t figure out how to download the Asana Outlook add-on for the desktop version of Outlook 2016. When I follow the instructions at https://asana.com/apps/outlook I’m taken to outlook.com to install the web-version (which I don’t want, or at least not on my outlook.com account). How can a simple thing like downloading a file become so time-consuming?


Hello Christoph,

I am having the same issue. I spent some time researching how to get Asana Add-in to Outlook. And I believe, the issue on our end is that we have office 365, but we don’t have MS Exchange online, so in other words, it seems to me that you can only use Asana Add-in with MS Exchange email account and related Outlook desktop app.
Asana team, is this correct?


Think this is more Microsoft related than Asana related. I’ve installed the Asana addon in the web interface and had to restart my Outlook to see the Asana addon being present in the desktop app.


I do have MS Exchange, but not Office 365.

If that is so, my setup should work. But I suspect that it may only work with Office 365 and not with any other Exchange server. That would be a bummer. Either way, the Asana web-page would be very misleading as it suggests that there is an add-on that for the desktop version.