Outlook Add-In Trouble in Outlook 2016


We’re working in a corporate O365 environment and having trouble installing the Outlook add-in. I was able to install the Asana add-in into the web version of Outlook just fine. However the add-in does not appear in my desktop version of Outlook 2016. It doesn’t even show Asana in the list of add-ins available in Outlook. When I flip back to the web version it already shows installed. Is there another step or trick to get it working in desktop-Outlook?


Hi @Stephen_Makula and welcome to the Forum!

Sounds like the Asana Add-in hasn’t been whitelisted by your Admin; once whitelisted it should be available in your list!

Since the Outlook web and desktop versiosn are completely separated; you will need to install the Asana add-in in both version!

Hope this helps! :wink:


Hello Marie,
I have also successfully added the Asana add-in to web outlook but cannot on my desktop version. I have read your response but cannot find how to ‘Whitelist’ the Asana addon. I do not have exchange and I hope that will not prevent me from doing this.
Thank you.


Hello we try to use Asana. But we cant figureout how to install Outlook add-in (desktop version). We have desktop version of Outlook 2016. Also I have adminiatrator access to ofice365 in our organisation. But still cant figureout how to install add-in to desktop version of outlook. Can you provide more infpormation on how to install Asana add-in on desktop version of outlook?


Our email admin isn’t familiar with any kind of white listing being necessary on the desktop version of outlook for add-ins. Do you have any suggestions or guidance on how this can be enabled?


@Stephen_Makula I’d recommend having a look at these two articles:


Hi @Dmitry1, try these steps (Manage and install add-ins) https://support.office.com/en-us/article/view-manage-and-install-add-ins-in-office-programs-16278816-1948-4028-91e5-76dca5380f8d.

Hope this helps!


Nah, it didn’t help… but we did figure it out. Hopefully this will help someone else. There’s a distinction from Outlook 2016 volume license and Outlook 2016 O365 license. Both connect to O365 but they’re different products. The Asana outlook add-in just doesn’t work in the former.
You guys probably should clarify that and it might solve a lot of people’s problems. I was connecting to the same O365 Exchange server on both. The products themselves look and function exactly the same. But uninstalling the regular Outlook 2016 volume license and reinstalling the O365 version and viola, Asana is now there.


Same problem here using Outlook 2016 volume, it won’t install the add-in. If we could download the file and install it instead of using the store maybe it could work that way…


Thanks for sharing this solution @Stephen_Makula, and again so sorry for the trouble!

@jean-sebastien.gagno, could you give a go to @Stephen_Makula’s solution?