Integration with Outlook 2016

How can I get the Outlook add-in to work with Outlook 2016? I’ve no trouble running it on 2019, but the far majority of my users are on 2016. We have Office 365 and I have the add-in installed there and available to users, but the one who’s tried to install it so far just gets an error message.

@James_Carl are you still the one making the add-in?

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I am still the owner of Sendana, and we have not had reported problems. It runs on all Windows form of Outlook.

I’ll do more testing from my end and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

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So just to be clear, I am running the “official” Asana add-in for outlook, the one that is available through the “store” in Outlook 2016 and “Get add-ins” in Outlook 2019. I go to the store, I select the Asana add-in, I install it, it tells me install was successful, but I can find no trace of it. This is in Outlook 2016.

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@Marie do you who is building that add in?