Outlook Add-In - Individual Install Instead of Centralized Deployment?

I was very excited to see the announcement of an Outlook add-in but after a couple hours could not get it to work. I click Get It Now and, after going through the dialog boxes, it enables the Add-In on my Office 365 (Business Premium) account. And my local installation of Office 2016 is from that account. But, I don’t use exchange through that account. I use exchange through an OWA account. So, I don’t have access to the Store from my Outlook 2016 and no centralized deployment capability. Is there a way to download and install the add-in on a local installation of Outlook 2016?

@Greg_Wood There are two Outlook add-ins available to users. The Asana Add-in requires exchange to the best of my knowledge. Sendana, www.sendana.net can use any accounts within Outlook , ie Exchange, Imap etc. Users can determine how each meet their specific needs. Full disclosure, I am the developer of www.sendana.net.

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The Asana add-in for Outlook should be available for both the web and desktop version, however, they both require their own installation. The other thing to keep in mind is that the add-in is only available with Work or school account Microsoft account; so if you’re using a private email Outlook account, you won’t be able to avail it, and Sendana would probably be the best option!

Hope this helps!

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