Outlook integration - support for on-premises exchange server?



Our IT team did an evaluation of the Outlook integration plug-in and advised that we’re unable to use it because our ‘On premises exchange server is not supported’. Is it potentially possible that support might be provided in future? The plugin would be immensely useful to us.


Where to download the Outlook Addon for desktop

@Zane_Love Did you look at our add-in, Sendana.net. It should not have same constraint.


Hi @Zane_Love and thanks for reaching out. I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans, but I’ll make sure to escalate this request to our product team!


It was so excited when you sent all these great OUTLOOK add-in emails to my users. The staff was so excited then so let down when it was not supported. We do have some sendana.net licenses and are very happy with it.


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