Outlook web-mail integration is not working

Our organisation recently switched to Office 365 and I see very nice integration with Asana available in Outlook web-mail. However I cannot find a way how to make it work - every time I want to comment or complete task I get message that I need first to authenticate with Asana. Although I did this authentication and Asana Add-In on right side is functioning.

See the screenshot illustrating the problem:

Please help:)

Hi @Vytautas_Martinaitis and welcome to the Forum!

Let’s see if we can resolve this together! Could you please try de-authorizing and re-authorizing the Outlook add-on from your Asana account?

Let us know if that helps, or if you need further assistance to resolve this!

All the best!

Hello Marie!

thank you for prompt reply:)

I tried - does not help. I even removed Asana app from Office through Admin panel, then installed again. And then authorized and authorized again.

May be this functionality is related to Premium plan of Asana?

Kind regards,

Vytautas Martinaitis

it appears, than one of three buttons is working. but other three are not fuctioning

Finally I solved it myself. I had to use Outlook Desktop and authenticate Asana through it (Outlook Web version did not worked). Then all integrated buttons started to work both on Desktop and Web versions of Outlook.

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