Outlook to Asana - O2Asana - supports Mac, Office 365, etc

Hi all,

I’ve been working on O2Asana, an Outlook to Asana plugin, for a few months now, and will (hopefully) soon be ready to release it to the Office App Store.

O2Asana is designed to make it quick and easy to send an email you’re currently reading into Asana as a task with the due date, assignee, tags, etc that you want.

To accomplish that, it uses a single dialog box, simple shorthand syntax and fuzzy matching so that there’s almost no clicking required.

As a result, this is pretty much the entire UI:
21 AM

For example, entering @me #tom !myprj would create a new task with the subject line and body of the email, and assign it to me, due tomorrow, and in a project called “my project”.

Here’s the full syntax:
| @ # ! $ %

I’ve built website that explains the syntax in more detail: www.o2asana.com

I’ve been using the plugin myself in production for about a month now, and am now looking for some beta users to try it out. Please email at info@o2asana.com, or send me a personal message here if you’re interested in joining.

Supported Platforms:
This is a so-called “web add-in” - Microsoft’s newer format of add-in, so the following are supported:
Web-based Office 365
Outlook 2013 and higher (including Windows and Mac)

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments!


Side note - Outlook for iOS should also be supported, but I haven’t tested it yet. Outlook for Android will eventually be supported when Microsoft extends full add-in support to that platform!

Any plans on the ability to be able to add it to an existing asana task?

I’ve considered it, but requires a moderate number of changes, as right now the add-in is stateless at the time it loads.

How would you envision each subsequent email being represented by Asana? As a comment with the email content? An attachment representing each email? In series in the description?

@James_Carl This might be very interesting for you.

@Jason_Yau Great work, I am always very excited to see new add-ons for the Asana world :slight_smile: Thanks for your effort

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As a comment sounds best.

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if we could use email to add comments or attach information that would be fantastic! I know we can create tasks from email using the custom email function already in Asana.

Also thank you for your work developing a solution!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what’s viable for identifying message threads and connecting them together.

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Hi Jason-I work on integrations marketing here at Asana and was curious if you are still working on this app?