Asana in outlook for iOS and Android

Ok, this is a big one @Alexis!!!

Trello/MS has added the ability to add task directly from Outlook for iOS. This is big for me.

Please make a similar add-in for Outlook for iOS.

Please tell me that your are already working on adding this - AND that it is possible to set a due date directly in the add-in like it is with the Trello add-in.

What does other users think? And if you are not already using outlook for iOS, please try it, its pretty awesome.


Thanks for sharing @Peter_Skjoldager. I think my colleague, @Matt_Bramlage will have some insight to share on this topic.


I have been using Microsoft Outlook on an older Iphone (5.0) and do not see in the integrations sections a place to select Trello, even though I have a very small Trello account. I just could never come to see the power that Asana encompasses in Trello but I do think the integration would be welcome. Having authored I know their is a boatload of small things to finally get to the creation of tasks, project conversations and team conversations but agree with the suggestion. I do wish that Asana would find a way to add due dates to their task/conversation creation through their email system.

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Feedback noted @James_Carl :slight_smile:

Works like a charm in Trello, with both web and app. I still hope Asana will catch up eventually

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I too would love an Asana Add in for outlook iOS. Please

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Hi @Alexis are there any updates on this?

Myself and my team use Microsoft Outlook as out email tool. Currently in the Asana (iOS) App you cannot open a Microsoft Outlook attachment to a task. It would be great if that could be made possible!

The Microsoft Outlook attachment on the desktop version works perfectly!


HI @Maik_Busch :wave:t3:

We don’t have any updates at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as we do!

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I found a short workaround… Spark - E-Mail App from Readdle - is having an Asana integration. Unfortunately it is not that smooooth but it does the thing i need - forwarding an email into asana on iOS.

Spark on iTunes

+1 | Please include Outlook mobile (iOS) integration

+1. Please integrate it as quickly as possible.

Definitely would love this vs. having to always send into Asana via email-to-task address.

However, if you’re going to do anything Microsoft development-related, please first fix your Microsoft Teams integration.

Hi. It seems that this Outlook add-in is not yet implemented. Pity. Is there anybody from Asana team looking out for their customer requests? :thinking:

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The lack of outlook add-in in iOS is really a big inconvenient. There is no real alternative (mail to task but not as comments, Airmail for iOS but lacks outlook features)
Any update on this?

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I love too Asana add in for outlook iOS

Here too. The number of active Asana users is rising in our company. Of those everyone has an iPhone with Outlook. Not everyone has a Windows or MacOS device.

An iOS Outlook Add-In would be really nice. Even when it uses the Asana app itself as API.

Same here please, working on an iPad Pro, an outlook add-in would be perfect. Even better, the ability to drag an email from outlook to Asana across the split screen would be awesome!

Yes, please! I use the add-on all the time when sitting at my desk. Not having this functionality when using my iPad or iPhone breaks my workflow. Is this something that we can expect to happen in the near future? Please advise.

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This is much needed.