Asana in outlook for iOS and Android

Please Asana, make the outlook Add in available on iOS as is available on 365, its such a powerful feature and massively benefits my work flow


People are screaming for this. And asana wants to go public soon yet can’t deliver feature parity between outlook for Mac and outlook for iOS ?


I agree this is much needed.

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Would make Asana the first choice. Now Jira is due to mobile integration. Please add this!

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Asana, any updates? Outlook iOS has lots of add-ins but no asana. Love the add-in from Outlook desktop.

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Outlook mobile allows for add-ins. It would be great if there was one for Asana. Specifically, I would like one for Android devices. It should allow the same functionality as the Windows Outlook application.

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Hi @Blake_Smith and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

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Thank you! Have a great Thursday!

100% agree hardly sitting at the computer these days and have to always remember to add it from outlook into the projects later. Not really flash hraps of times i forget it

Is there an Asana add-in for the iOS version of Outlook? I’d like to have the ability to quickly create a task from an email when using my mobile or tablet.

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Hi @Graeme_Barrie :wave:t5: and welcome to the Forum!

At the moment there is no app version for the Asana Add-in but I can certainly understand how useful this would be.

There is an existing thread regarding this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it to avoid duplications. Please don’t forget to upvote it!

Thank you Graeme! Have a nice week!

I wish the Asana team would add this. I currently see both the slack and evernote addins mirrored between iphone and mac outlook apps but the only missing one is asana. works decently on macos but doesn’t exist on ios.


This is a three year old thread. Is there nothing planned for iOS? The iPad app is way behind desktop on features and so is Outlook integrations. To so nothing planned for three years is not helpful. Why is nothing planned? Sounds like we should all migrate to Trello?


I agree this is needed. I can get around it by using the website on my iPad but it’s frustrating when I only have my phone and I simply need to add an email + attachment and can’t do it and have to wait.


I want to add to this for product roadmap. Help!! I’m trapped in MS365/Outlook and need an Asana ios/outlook integration!


Yes, Asana integration in Outlook for iOS and Android would be helpful.

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+1 here for iOS Asana addin for outlook.

Asana Team, any updates about bringing an iOS Add-In to outlook?


In 2021 still no asana outlook integration. Many of us would love this feature. Just letting you know :smiling_face:

Are there any news @anon1924269?
This is crucial for our team.

We would love to see this as well.

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