Asana in outlook for iOS and Android

We’d also love to see it. The iPad Pro is a desktop equivalent computer. We are looking at deploying them. As others have said this is a pretty important workflow ability. As much as I wish we depended on email less, the reality is lots of tasks come through email.

What is the status and timeline @Natalia
This function is more and more essential and am asking myself what take >3 years to implement it.

I would really like this functionality too.

Would really love to have an add-in/on into Outlook Mobile Android app as well.
Works great for Microsoft Tasks/To-Do. Only solution now is to forward it to a specific mail address, but that’s not so conveniënt as an add-on.

This will be definetly useful to a lot f people. Plese make this asna team.

+1 on the Asana Outlook ios and mobile app. This would be a game-changer for me.

How long does it take to make an asana add-in avilable for outlook mobile (iOS)? I am following this topic already for years now… Trello offers an add-in.

I just don’t understand how something like this could be missing. You would think that given that iPhone / Outlook users are going to be one of the bigger segments of their user base, they would make this a priority.

Is anyone at Asana even looking at or working on this feature? This forum topic opened almost 5 years ago and it has been almost 2 years since anyone at Asana replied!

What is the status of the Add-in for Outlook on iOS, is it coming (when) or not?

Dying that I love Asana so much and so still impressed by the slick UI + all the new functionality (even through the pandemic) all the add-ins and features and so yet so seriously bummed that my missing piece is the iPhone & iPad iOS integrations with Outlook & this is 5+ years of a thread requesting it! Eeek! I’m still in flow, but can’t switch to my mobile tools bc of this. Any update for us who are so ready for this!?!? TIA!!

Loving the convenience of the Mobile solution and the Outlook connection on the PC. I would love to see Asana in Outlook for iOS and Android. This would help with productivity considerably considering how many of our employees work from their phones during meetings. Please make this happen!


Its 2022, years after the inital request and Asana still haven’t added this :sob: Please make this happen.


Yes we need Asana add-on for Outlook app on iOS/IPad OS. Please


Writing this as I’m eating my lunch and went to reply to an email on my iPad and wanted to create a new task in Outlook on it only to find out that there is no Outlook Add-in for Asana. I’m shocked that is 2023 and Asana doesn’t have an IOS for Outlook add-in. The name of the game is supposed to be integration. Would you please assign one of your developers to this.


Shocked to see that this hasn’t been implemented yet. There is one for Outlook PC, why not IOS? It’s 2023 you guys. Please work on this.


There is still no add-in for outlook mobile - it is a bit embarrassing.

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Hello - I love Asana so much that I’m willing to choose my email client based on the quality of the Asana integration offered for it.

For me, the Outlook integration is actually super useful since you can send info to a task/sub task level with attachments included.

Which makes me sorta sad when I come to find out that the same integration does not exist for Outlook mobile app (I’m on iOS).

I was about to switch back to Spark to use the Asana integration there, but it only allows for sending emails to projects. Not the task/sub task level as comments.

I guess my questions are:

  1. Any plans to bring the Asana integration for Outlook to mobile?
  2. Do any mobile email clients exist that have an Asana integration that allows for sending emails to tasks?
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Hello @FenwayJohnny

Very good suggestion indeed.There is an existing product feedback to get asana to build the integration for the mobile app.

Check it our here and add your vote too:


Thanks Rashad! 6 years! :melting_face:

Sounds personal. Lol.

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