Reply to comments through email issue

When I get a comment in Asana on a project I also get an email about it. I then have two options. Either I can go to Asana and add a reply directly or I can reply through that email and the reply will be automatically added to the comments in the Asana project.

Here’s my issue with the last option. Not only the replied text is added to the comment, but also a lot, and I mean a lot of other useless info. A lot of Asana links of precious comments etc. I thought perhaps I should first clear all previous email text and reply through email starting with an empty text field, but that still leaves me with all useless Asana texts and urls. When I reply through Outlook I only wish the replied text to appear in the Asana project as a comment. Not all that other useless info. Is there any way to do that? Or is that something that should be fixed at Asana? I find it pretty annoying…

Hi @Overlord, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Could you confirm if you are currently using the Asana for Outlook add-in to comment on exiting Asana tasks from Outlook or do you have a different integration? :slight_smile:

Ehm, no. Haven’t got that add-on installed. When client comments in Asana I get en email in Outlook about it. To which I can reply directly. When I reply to that email, not only that reply is added to Asana, but also a lot of irrelevant information. While I just want to have the reply itself added to Asana, nothing more. Should I add that add-on to Outlook 365 (web) for that?

Hi @Overlord, thanks for getting back to me! I would recommend you installing the Outlook add-on as it allows you to achieve this without adding all signatures and extra information to the comments :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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