Attach Email to Task as comment


Maybe I’m missing something… I got the Add-On, and I can add a comment right in Gmail, but I can’t reply to an email and have it comment in the proper task. I have to copy my response (and the other person’s reply to me!) and then paste as a comment. I also think I’d have to copy and paste attachments. It’s not a lot faster than copypasting from an email tab to my open Asana tab. Am I missing some easy way to forward/reply as a comment?


Asana needs to come up with better email integration…
Not all businesses can (or want) to separate emails from tasks.
Having a link to access / open the original email that a task is created from would be endlessly helpful.

… similar to Clipotron that OmniFocus has for their users.

If OmniFocus only had collaboration…
If Asana only had email integration…