Attach Email to Task as comment

Maybe I’m missing something… I got the Add-On, and I can add a comment right in Gmail, but I can’t reply to an email and have it comment in the proper task. I have to copy my response (and the other person’s reply to me!) and then paste as a comment. I also think I’d have to copy and paste attachments. It’s not a lot faster than copypasting from an email tab to my open Asana tab. Am I missing some easy way to forward/reply as a comment?

Asana needs to come up with better email integration…
Not all businesses can (or want) to separate emails from tasks.
Having a link to access / open the original email that a task is created from would be endlessly helpful.

… similar to Clipotron that OmniFocus has for their users.

If OmniFocus only had collaboration…
If Asana only had email integration…

Hi Jamie,
I created a “Clipotron Light” for Asana. I guess a proper developer could also add the link to the e-mail - unfortunately I cant (yet).
At least for now you could mark the text of the e-mail which then appears as a note in a new Asana task.

Hope this helps a bit.
Best, Frank

Thanks frank.
I recently found a 3rd Party integration called drop and drag that lets me drag an actual email from my email client directly in to an Asana task. I have but to click that task to open up and reply to the actual email.

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Hi Jamie,
sounds interesting. Could you share the URL? Couldn’t find it with a quick Google search.
Thx, Frank

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Yup, what Frank said, could you provide a URL Jamie?

Unfortunately, the number of people who type “drop and drag” when they clearly mean “drag and drop” makes even this you’ld-expect–somewhat-rare term effectively unsearchable. :frowning:

Hi! We used an app that creates for each tasks an e-mail (something like and every reply of it was add in the mail option. We gonna miss this A LOT in Asana.

I’m waiting for this feature.

Is there any update on adding this feature? This would be extremely useful.

For my team, the ideal implementation would be if we could bcc the Asana task in our email, and then have that email and its attachments show up on the comment thread for the Asana task.

Ticketing systems is a major use case for Asana (and one you all promote!), and being able to include a history of communications with others outside the team is a critical feature for ticketing systems.

My team has been using Asana for a year now, and I have to say I have been a bit disappointed in the features you all have chosen to roll out so far. Timeline was helpful, but other than that they have all been irrelevant to us. Personally I would like to see more of a focus on nuts-and-bolts kinds of features, situations where I’m surprised Asana doesn’t have it already but it really should.

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Yes! This would be great! I agree, however, that getting the recipients and time information of the email would also be very important, not to mention attachments.

Also waiting on this update; it would make my life so much easier to be able to easily add entire emails (and their attachments) as comments on existing tasks!


I also use DragDrop for Outlook, I’m very happy with the tool.
They also provide a free trial so you could test if it works for you too.

Any news about this feature? We just try to setup a ticket system with asana and most of our customers write emails. it would be so easy if its possible to reply without the whole conversation. just the latest mail to asana as a comment.


This is a key feature that needs to be addressed. Typical work flow which always involves getting emails about ongoing tasks is standard and should by all rights be easy to add as a comment to a task in Asana. I hope this feature is added soon.


Hello, do you know if there is something similar for Gmail? Thanks!


I don’t know for sure. But I heard that they are working on a web add-on for this.

Hoping to see an update on this!

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I actually need the same thing here and it seems there is still no solution is that right? I am using the Asana add-on to gmail and creating a task (while checking the “add attachments” box) and once i click the “create task” button it tells me it cant attach the e-mail to the task and it goes out as a “task” with no attachments or link to e-mail… Could someone please help.

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Ive been struggling with this as a gmail user. My main thing is that I will have a task open for a gmail, but have trouble finding associated emails after the fact, or have multiple email threads ongoing for different parts of tasks.
My workaround has been to copy the URL of the email and paste into the task as the description or a pinned comment. Its been helpful to help me keep a better organized inbox.


I’ve dealt with this problem too. I solved it using the Sparkmailapp client, because you can generate a link to the email thread, so just paste it as a comment on asana.

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