How to prevent duplicate tasks from being created when sending an email to the same thread more than once?

Here’s an example:

  1. I sent an email to with subject ‘I want to create a task’ cc’ing my colleage, Jane.
    Result: email is now created as a task within Asana

  2. Jane now replies to the thread
    Result: New task created

For the result in step 2, instead of creating a new task, is it possible to have Jane’s note appear as a comment instead?

Our use case: Jane and I are in an IT support team. So whenever someone emails our team, a task is set up.

Current issue: We have a lot of duplicate tasks created due to the behaviour outlined in step 2.

Note: For step 2, it does not matter whether the Asana Project Email is in the cc: field (as opposed to being in just the to: field). A new task will still be created with the same subject line.

Hope this makes sense. Any feedback/help is most welcome.


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Hi @jptech and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
I think this is happening because Jane is replying directly to your email in which is still CCed > this explains why a new task is created.

In order to create a comment from her inbox, Jane should enable her email notification and reply to the notification she receives from Asana to let her know you added her as a CC > By replying to this notification, she will create a comment on the task :slight_smile:

I’ve added an example of the notification email I’m referring to just below (note that the notification comes from "", which is an email address you can reply to!). You can also have a look at this handy article from our Guide to learn how you can reply to notification and create content in Asana

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Hi @Marie, thanks for your quick reply!

I’ll advise our team members to use their notifications to respond. Appreciate the help.


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You’re welcome @jptech :slight_smile: Let us know if we can help with anything else!


Whenever I put comment in asana it created new duplicate task. Please let me know if there is any way around to avoid creating new duplicate task.


Hi @Neeru_Singla and welcome to the Forum.

Are you adding a comment directly via Asana, or are you emailing it? Looking forward to your reply!