Multiple duplicate email triggered when task created from Outlook

Hi Team,

Currently the users are getting multiple emails when a particular task is assigned directly from Outlook.

How can we stop this from occuring, any tips can certainly help as it is annoying for the task owner

Screenshot given below explaining the emails

Thanks for reaching out! I investigated, but I was unable to reproduce this issue, @Gowri_Shankar_RJ! In this case, I believe our support team will be better equipped to help you find the root cause. I recommend you to contact them and confirm the following information in your email:

  • Steps to reproduce (confirm if you are using the Outlook add in or emailing to Asana directly from your Outlook account).
  • Screenshot showing the email before it is sent, so we can see the details included in the email
  • Confirm if the tasks are duplicated of the original task or notifications about actions made on the task you created
  • URL f this thread so they can see your initial report and screenshot.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let me know!

Thanks @Emily_Roman - I have followed the steps as suggested, will keep you updated

@Emily_Roman - None from support have reached out on this topic, also did not get any ticket number when i submitted. Not sure about the next steps

@Emily_Roman - Please guide

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