Comment on task via Zendesk email fails

We are receiving email notifications to a Zendesk inbox from a partner organization’s Asana board. We would like to be able to post comments to the related task by replying from Zendesk. We are able to do this by replying to notification emails from personal email accounts but, when our team replies from the Zendesk inbox, we receive an error response from Asana saying:

I couldn’t add your comment because it was automatically generated

Is this intended behavior or a bug? Is there a way that our team can post comments to tasks from shared inboxes?

I’m assuming that the intention is avoiding infinite mail loops with automated Zendesk responses triggering new Asana notification emails. It would be helpful to know if there are particular email headers that are used to control what is allowed and if there are any possible overrides.

In Zendesk do you have the emails set up with configuration that you can also send from them or only receive under?

What I mean by that is that Zendesk usually creates a standard one unless you allow Zendesk to send emails on behalf of your email domain by setting up SPF and DNS records.

Then the question is whether this email is set up in your Asana to receive emails from.
Otherwise this might cause something to bounce back.

There is an Asana - Zendesk connection also however how I know it works for us is that you cannot update tasks from Zendesk to Asana, you can create them and connect them and you can set up rules in Asana to trigger a comment being added to the Zendesk ticket for example.

More info here: Asana Zendesk integration • Asana Product Guide

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Thanks - yes the Zendesk instance is receiving and sending email on behalf of our domain. The support email is added as a guest user of the external Asana project.

Both the initial auto response and any replies from Zendesk agents include the header Auto-Submitted: auto-generated in the email so I’m wondering if that is what causes the block on Asana’s side.

Hm yeah that might be the case. I recommend reaching out to Asana Support, in this case, to ask them about this. You can reach them via

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