Asana & Zendesk



We currently use Zendesk for client facing forms and for internal requests. Some teams are properly set up on ASANA that their entire workload is managed from ASANA.
I found an integration where a new ticket form on Zendesk triggers a new ASANA Task in its respective project.
Is there a way that any ASANA action gets zapped into Zendesk with its comments and status changes?

Thank you!!


Sounds like a challenge for @paulminors :slight_smile:


Hey @RashadIssa! I don’t have a solution for the integration of updates from Asana on Zendesk but I’m interested in knowing how did you managed to put Zendesk sending tickets directly to Asana. Can you help, please?

Thank you!


Hello @Rui_Cruz I used Zapier and selected one of the pre-built integrations to zap a new ticket from Zendesk into a new task to an ASANA project. it is easy to set up.


Thanks @RashadIssa!


Yes, I expect you could make something like this work by using the “Tag added to task” trigger in Zapier. When you add a specific tag, this could send some information or trigger an action in Zendesk depending on what you’d like to do.


There’s no set way to have solid two-way updates for a few things, I’m keeping my eye on Unito specifically (though not for Zendesk, but for JIRA) since it allows that -

I would like to see something like that for Zendesk, but right now you have to set triggers and such for these and those are more klunky than I think you’re asking for - only option ATM though.


I’ve been watching Unito as well because of the two way sync, there are a few other tools but they don’t support Asana – might be worth requesting it. For example PieSync

BTW – I noticed Unito mentions Jira now, is it that they don’t quite support what you need yet?


Oh yeah no I know it works with JIRA, I just meant that I’ve been eyeing it in case our R&D team starts complaining that we use Asana instead of JIRA, as a possible option. =)


I’ve set up syncs using Unito between Asana and JIRA. It works great. Somewhat confusing pricing structure but I think they are simplifying it.


Please also try our Zendesk App for Asana by installing on your Zendesk instance


We are happy to announce now supports sync between Zendesk & Asana @Caisha. This new integration will allow you to sync your tickets both ways. If you’re still interested, just sign up to the beta program to get in touch with the product team and learn more about it.


We love Integratecloud Zendesk as it has turned out to be one of the greatest tools we use every day.
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