Project request form

Just wondering what are the best ticketing request forms that integrate into Asana? Currently I am evaluating ZenDesk but open to other applications.

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I cannot speak from experience, and the only two listed on the integrations page is Zendesk and SupportBee.

But depending on the style of support/requests - you could maybe look into Front or Dossier.

For our ticket/requests, I just have a simple set up where if someone emails X general email, or fills out X form, a zap (from Zapier) creates an Asana task for me in the appropriate project. The only issue is of course it doesn’t allow two-way communication from Asana unless the person is in Asana themselves (which is not always the case), that’s where I think the above might come in handy!

thank you! I found Formstack and was able to use a Zap to integrate with Asana but it does not batch all the information captured on the form.

If you’re going to use just a basic thing like forms, you should probably just use google forms in lieu of formstack. It has really robust connections with zapier (but perhaps there’s a function of formstack that it doesn’t have, not sure!)