Google Forms -> Zapier -> Asana Task


My team wants to use Asana to track an internal task requiring clients to submit private information. We are aware that Asana specifically advises against this. The workaround is to have clients submit the info using a Google Form, which will house the private information in Google Drive, while using to Asana to track the work items’ progress.

Can fields be mapped from the Google Form to Asana tasks using Zapier? If so, how?

I appreciate any help on this topic.

Hey @Ramsey,
I had a quick look and it seems with Zapier you cannot specifically map one specific answer to a custom field in Asana for example.

Once the Google form submissions have been sent to a Google Sheet for example you have more options:

Otherwise maybe look into Make.

Or considering splitting the form into 2 forms. One that captures the private info that you store in drive and the other one with info you need in Asana.

Not sure on your specific set up so it is difficult to advise further.

Hi @Andrea_Mayer,

Thanks for your reply! I’ll consider both of your recommendations and do my research. That being said, I found this after posting my question. Do you think this will work as well?

Also, I forgot to add:

As far as specific setup, some remains to be iterated. I’m doing some scoping to determine the LOE of this project (company project, not Asana project). What I want is for a client to be able to choose their advisor, among other bits of info, and have that populated in Asana. I’m exploring Google Forms as a way to store client NPI seeing as Asana expressly states not to use its platform for storing NPI.

Hm yeah that might work indeed. Christine seems to have been able to set it up with lookup and Zapier. I guess it will require some digging into and testing.
I also recommend sending her a message she can maybe share her feedback/ advise.

Giving this a go. Thanks for your help thus far!

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