Create Asana Tasks with custom fields



we have a little problem here . We do not use asana as it should be used. Our tasks are our patients, so our tasks never getting done.

We have solved this pretty comfortably so far. Now we want to optimize a workflow.

Each new patient receives a form where he completes his medical history. This data is then transmitted manually by my team in tags (eg heart attack 2017) and partly in custom fields (eg taking medication> dropdown menu option 1 every 6 hours, option 2 every 12 hours)

Sometimes we have to change the medical history, for example, the number of drugs or the medication itself changes at some point.

So what do we want to achieve?

  1. We want to give the patient a tablet instead of a piece of paper, where he enters his medical history. Alternatively, he should complete the medical history before visiting online from home.

Our goal: The data (answers) should be transmitted immediatley to Asana, the tags and custom fields should be marked automatically. Finally, we want to link the medical history by url so we can edit the history later. When we edit the form the tags and custom fields should change/update too in asana.

We thought of Evernote. With Evernote we could create the anamnesis, copy the link and link it to asana in the description for example.

Now we need your help with the API Connection to Asana to the tags and custom fields. How do we get Evernote (or any other programm) to connect to the tags and custom fields?

I hope we could describe our request understandably.



This is what Zapier is for if you don’t want to code your own solution. @paulminors any suggestion for them?


This sounds like a Wufoo Forms, 123contact forms or google forms workflow soloution. While not being a big Zapier user, I know each of the forms software also has Zaps.


My instinct is to use Google Forms to collect the original response and then if you update the spreadsheet (with the answers), this triggers a zap to find and update the corresponding Asana task.



thank you all for your advice. Is there a tutorial where i can try Google forms? I dont know what you mean with spreadsheet? i already have created a zapier account.


You may have already found a solution, but we used Wufoo forms for something similar. It was for staff to submit things to our design team, and there are a bunch of custom fields involved to define their project. Then the item goes into a Board where we can manage the tasks. The only issues we had is the initial setup was cumbersome, and the description gets filled with all the same information as the custom field.


Hi all, thank you very much. But we gave it up, cause we gave up on custom fields too. It is a great idea, we were very excited first but now we are dissapointed. We regret our decision to upgrade to the paid plan for one year even.

It does not make sense if there are no multiple choice in custom fields and no time funktion.