Google Form + Zapier + project overview in Asana

Hello, is it possible to create an automation with Zapier starting from a Google Form and automatically creating a project in Asana, transferring the form responses to the project overview in Asana?

I’ve seen that it’s possible to create the project automatically, but I don’t see the ability to modify the project overview.

Can someone help me?

Hi @George32 and welcome to the forum,

It depends what part of the project overview you’re referring to.

You can populate the initial “Project description” using this Asana API element:

You can populate project-level custom fields using the custom fields API element:

In both cases, I’m almost positive Zapier doesn’t provide built-in support for those elements so you’d need to use the “Webhooks by Zapier” feature which lets you do any standard web API call from Zapier to another app:

Hi George.

Just a thought, Does it have to be a google form? Could you replace with an Asana form that captures the info and then converts to a project linking to the original task with the info from the form ?

Utilizzando il modulo di Asana posso creare e riportare automaticamente le informazioni nella panoramica di un progetto?

Hi George, I had to use google translate so sorry if my reply makes no sense.

An asana form can create a task and then turn it into a project. It will link back to the original task or alternatively you can (if using portfolios) connect the answers to portfolio custom fields and view it in the list view of portfolios.

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