Ticket System Integrations?


I work at a marketing agency and we use Asana for all our clients. We have a different project for each client. In 2019, we can clients to be able to create a ‘ticket’ for billable hourly work that they’d like us to complete. I know I can create a basic project as described here, but I don’t want clients to have a line of sight into other client requests or our progress. Any suggestions? Integrations?


Have a look at The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana and especially the section about forms!


Didn’t see anything specific there that would help.


Hi @Danielle2,

What about the option that’s described on the Asana “IT Help Desk” page you linked to which talks about using Google Forms or Wufoo to send a request into Asana? Would that work for your needs; or if not, let us know why not and maybe there’s a solution.


@Phil_Seeman is right, I was referring to Wufoo and Google Forms integrations.


Thank you and @Phil_Seeman. You got me thinking and ended up using a Zapier integration with HubSpot. When a form is submitted in HubSpot, it automatically creates a ticket in Asana now. Perfect. Thanks for the help! Now to train clients…