The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana

Hi community,

Over the past years, Asana has been growing like crazy. You can now do a lot of things using Asana alone, or with external tools. I thought it would be a good idea to list them all!

:raising_hand_man: Please comment on the post to suggest any change to the list. Help me find tools that are missing and identify important discussions in the community to list below.
:relieved: Disclaimer: I also list tools I created myself below
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Create workflows in Asana

  • use the API :link:
  • Flowsana :gear:
  • :gear:
  • Blockspring Scripts :gear:
  • :gear:
  • Integromat :gear:
  • Zapier :gear:
  • Project Buddy :gear:

Do X with Asana

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :gear:
  • Business :gear:
  • Marketing :gear:
  • GTD :link:
  • Scrum :gear: :mega: :link: :link:
  • OKR :mega: :mega: :mega:
  • Organize a wedding :link: :link:
  • Strategic planning and goal tracking :link:
  • Mind maps :link:
  • Product Launch :link:
  • Product Roadmap :link:
  • Run meetings :link:
  • SWOT analysis :link:
  • Track video meetings tasks :link:

Collaborate on screenshots

Find an Asana consultant / get help

  • minimalist work - Asana Experts :gear:
  • minimalist work - Hotline for Asana :gear:

Clean up your Asana

  • minimalist work - Asana Tags :gear:
  • minimalist work - Asana Overview :gear:
  • minimalist work - Asana Custom Fields :gear:
  • minimalist work - My Tasks Cleaner :gear:

Hire a Virtual Assistant to work in Asana

  • minimalist work - Asana Assistants :gear:

Communicate with Asana

  • Slack :gear:
  • Microsoft Teams :gear:
  • Mail Birds :gear:
  • Dossier :gear:
  • MailChimp :gear:
  • Front :gear:
  • :gear:
  • Uniteable :gear:
  • Twist :gear:
  • CloudApp :gear:
  • Microsoft Office 365 :gear:
  • Gmail :gear:
  • MailButler :gear:
  • Sendana :gear:
  • Glip :gear:
  • Kore :gear:

Collaborate with developers in Asana

  • GitHub :gear:
  • BitBucket :gear: :gear:
  • Phabricator :gear:
  • Sentry :gear:
  • Unito :gear:
  • Jira :gear:
  • Pivotal Tracker :gear:
  • LambdaTest :gear:

Sell/Share your Asana templates

  • Templana :gear:

Asana administration

  • Migrate Asana projects between orgs/workspaces :gear:
  • See all tags :gear:
  • See all customs fields :gear:
  • See all teams and projects :gear:
  • Export all tasks with a script :link:
  • minimalist work - Asana Everyone - Add all members on tasks, projects or teams :gear:

Discover workflows for Asana

  • Templana :gear:

Share templates privately

  • Templana private section :gear:

Do time tracking in Asana

  • Everhour :gear:
  • Hourstack :gear:
  • Tick :gear:
  • TMetric :gear:
  • Harvest :gear:
  • TSheets :gear:
  • Timely :gear:
  • Hubstaff :gear:
  • Outplanr :gear:
  • PomoDone :gear:
  • TimeCamp :gear: (warning)
  • ProfitTable :gear:
  • Toggle :gear:
  • Time Doctor :gear:
  • Timeneye :gear:
  • Velocity :gear:
  • Zistemo :gear:
  • DueFocus :gear:

Connect forms to Asana

  • JotForm :gear:
  • Aha :gear:
  • Google Forms :gear:
  • Wufoo :gear:
  • BugMuncher :gear:

Do reporting/dashboarding with Asana

  • Custom Dashboard :computer:
  • Asana2Go :gear:
  • Everhour :gear:
  • HourStack :gear:
  • Google Sheets :gear: :mega:
  • TMetric :gear:
  • DigiSpoke :gear:
  • Screenful :gear:
  • Hubstaff :gear:
  • Outplanr :gear:
  • ProfitTable :gear:
  • Weekdone :gear:
  • Toggl :gear:
  • PowerBI :gear:
  • WorkingOn :gear:
  • Timeneye :gear:
  • Bridge24 :gear:
  • Velocity :gear:
  • Grow :gear:
  • Instagantt :gear:
  • Fivetran :gear:
  • IBM App Connect :gear:
  • Tableau :gear:

Sync calendars

  • zzBots :gear:


  • Tasks auto-numbering :mega:
  • Asana Navigator to improve navigation :gear:
  • Integrate Asana tasks withing Wordpress :mega:
  • Turn Shopify orders into tasks :mega:

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Well done, @Bastien_Siebman!

Wow, Iโ€™m impressed @Bastien_Siebman! Thank you so much for including TimeCamp here!

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Thank you so much for putting this list together @Bastien, it is super useful, especially for new users! Iโ€™m adding it straight away to my bookmarks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone. I hope we can keep this list up-to-date and refer people to it!


Great overview Bastien.

FYI to all: Power Bi does not gather data for custom fields.

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Do you think I should specify this or have a dedicated category for tools supporting custom fields?

This is great! As always, too many options are a problem and we need some kind of filtering or sorting but this is an amazing start for more conversation on these tools!

This was a first step before a potential dedicated website for thisโ€ฆ

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This is awesome Bastien.

I think it would be great if there was a section just for tools that support custom fields.

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Great idea, or use an emoji to show it. But there are so many :scream: Iโ€™ll work on it.

I have added Kothar, Flowsana and Tagsana to the list.


Added a few links:


I use this one. It should be a build in feature!


Minor point but you probably want to update โ€œKotharโ€ to say โ€œDittoโ€ (or perhaps mention that and also โ€œKothar 2.0โ€ since a lot of people may know it by its former name).


I have added a misc section with a link to this tasks auto-numbering post Reference numbers for tasks

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@Bastien_Siebman - Once again, excellent job on this list.

Iโ€™ve really enjoyed Asana Navigator recently, so it might be a tool youโ€™d consider adding to your list for improving Asana navigation and shortcuts:

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I have added the Wordpress integration from @Michelle_Blanchette WordPress and Asana

& @Khamir_Bhatia trick to turn Shopify orders into tasks How we're converting orders from Shopify into tasks on Asana as an Ecommerce Bakery!

& link to @Sander_1 product to link Asana and BitBucket

& link to conversation from @Ana_K about connecting Google Sheets and Asana Pull data from Asana API to Google Sheets