Asana tasks and points counter chrome extension - must have for agile teams

Hello everybody, we decided to improve our team’s Agile process in Asana and made a chrome extension. This extension counts each task and points assigned and then summarizes the sums for each section in a list view or for each column in a board view. Points assigned can be seen in the bottom left corner of tasks and the sum of all points is indicated at the top.

The extension is open source. Here is the article how we use it with instructions

Here is the chrome extension


Welcome @Vlad_Korobov :clap:

Thanks for sharing this great utility with the community…

@Bastien_Siebman one to add to your Asana Tools list…


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Yes I’ll add it to The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana and probably promote it in my newsletter (15k Asana users :slight_smile: )

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If you don’t mind to upvote plugin on Product Hunt today, please do Asana Counter Extension - Points and tasks counter for scrum process (open source) | Product Hunt

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@Vlad_Korobov does this add-on still work with the GUI changes to headers? I’m unable to see the results within Chrome with the extension installed. Any support that you can offer here?


@LEGGO Seems like it is not just an issue for you. See this bug-report: Summarized number of points are not showing up anymore in Board view for each column · Issue #4 · terpimost/asana-counter · GitHub
Vote for it there, if you want to see it solved.