Add up a value across tasks

I have assigned each task a certain number of reward points and I would like to have these points add up somewhere. (For example, task A is worth 5 points, and once we earn 100 points, we get a reward) Is this possible, and would I need to integrate something else? TIA!

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FYI I edited the title of your post to make it a little more descriptive.

Question: are you storing these points in a custom field and if so, did you create it as a number-type custom field?

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Thank you, and yes, it is set to number, and does show the sum at the bottom, but it doesn’t look like it is storing points from recurring tasks that reset.

Correct - the Asana feature that sums a number field doesn’t store any summation data, it’s just adding up current values real-time on the screen.

For more sophisticated math capabilities, you might want to take a look at this utility from @lpb:



Did you try changing your Project’s view from Incomplete tasks to All tasks? Those recurring tasks are all still there and marked complete (if you didn’t delete them) and I think you can sum those still instead of just seeing the current ones.

(Thanks @Phil_Seeman, but this is easiest, if it works. Asana2Go solution would require a custom report.)

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