Implementing a bounty point system within Asana

Hello Asana community,

I’m currently working on implementing a point system in Asana, and I’m encountering challenges in the process. The user story is represented as a task, and it contains various operations as subtasks. Our goal is to calculate the points collected by each individual assignee. However, the issue lies in the fact that this information is nested within the second layer of subtasks, making it impossible for calculation purposes.

I initially attempted to handle this through the first subtask, but the sheer number of subtasks is making it difficult to maintain and resulting in a suboptimal user experience. The point system takes into account data from different fields such as actual time, priority, complexity, and more.

Any insights or suggestions on how to streamline this process and improve the user experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey @Sujoy_Krishna_Bera

Would that be possible to “move everything up a level”?

  1. Task become project
  2. Project become portfolio

We’ve been experimenting with converting tasks into sections to better organize our projects. However, we encountered a challenge where we lost the ability to view the timeline for individual tasks.

Given the nature of our projects, which typically involve 50 or more tasks, turning all tasks into projects might make navigation more cumbersome.

=> Not sure if that fixes your issue, but in the timeline you can Sort by Assignee, and unfold to see the subtasks (if they have a due-date).

=> A portfolio could easily welcome 50 projects, while still being manageable thanks to the Filter and Sorting options

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