How do i move sub-tasks across sections

Hi All,

Sorry I am new to Asana and I had this peculiar issue with respect to how I use the tool.
I have multiple Projects which contain Multiple Customers and each having its own tasks to complete.

Now in Asana, each project i create is the “PROJECT”, each customer is a “TASK” and tasks to be done under the customer is a “SUB-TASK”. I am not sure now can i track individual “SUB-TASK” under sections ? Or should I redesign the way I am using ASANA currently ?

Any help will be really appreciated.

HI @Ajith
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The big thing with regarding SubTasks is that they aren’t visible within a project easily and they behave different to normal tasks.

This is a good community post that gives some ideas…

With regards to how you have structured it would really depend on how many sub tasks each Client is likely to have.

As an example my workflow has;

  • A prospect as a Task in a central project, with a few tasks underneath initial followup etc.
  • Once that prospect is converted to a Client and I won’t to track things like invoices/bookings etc I create a Dedicated Project for that Client.
  • I multi home the original task in both the central project and the Clients Project.

Hope this information helps.


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I understand the limitation …

Every customer do have all the Action Items which needs to be tracked to completion. As a result I dont think I can place them under sub-tasks.

It seems I need to create a PROJECT for every customer with a name something like “PRODUCT-CUSTOMERNAME” in order to track the tasks across various sections. This creates a night mare as we got more number PRODUCT+CUSTOMER combinations now to create as individual PROJECTS.

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