How to setup multiple projects with steps and timelines per each step

Hi there, I have to manage a team of 8 and they are not on Asana. The project managers are on Asana only. I have been creating projects i.e. complete task A with subtasks A1,A2 etc and its working but my concern is how it will look when I have a lot more projects. Is there a simple way of having project titles with subtasks with their own deadlines that tie together neatly?


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Hi @Shane_Shapiro,

I am in the same boat. I manage a team of 7, but now we have almost 50 open projects, and I am the sole project manager.

The best piece of advice I can give you is using Portfolios. They keep all your projects in one area and it give a high-level overview of everything going on.

As far as tasks and sections are concerned, I would encourage using rules as it can help automate your work. Check out this article regarding rules for sections and subtasks!


Thank you so much, I will look into it

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