Using Asana for Agile- How do you handle stories that have multiple assignees?

Hey all,

We’re trying to get our company to switch from Jira to Asana but we’ve hit a big issue.

  • In Workload, only TASKS count towards a person’s allocation, not SubTasks
  • If TASKS are stories, then we have a big issue- A story may be 10 points, but maybe 5 points got o Lisa, 2 to Joe and 1 to Susan
  • So in order to see a person’s point allocation, we need to SUM their Sub-Tasks, because one person isn’t responsible for the whole story. Hence why it’s a sub-task.

One way to handle this would be to use SECTIONS as Stories, but then we lose our Milestones. Then Milestones become projects, but there’s no way to bundle Milestones into a higher-order category. It quickly becomes a mess.

How do you handle tasking and allocation for stories w/ dependencies from multiple users?