Time line and sub tasks


We are looking to move to Asana but we have hit a problem.
I have created our project and under the project created a Task for each project, we working on.

We then have milestones that we have to hit and so have created these as sub-tasks. I have them with dependency times locked in so all is working fine up to the point of the timeline.

When on the timeline I can only see the task and not the subtask in the timeline and if we complete one of the subtasks it does not update the task percentage to show how far you have completed the task. There is no way of actually knowing how far a take is from completion based on the timeline view.

Has this functionality been developed into Asana? We need this and it is a deal-breaker for us.


This is a very well know limitation of Asana (or design choice, depends on who you ask), subtasks do not belong to the project. Did you consider using sections instead of “big tasks”?

See F3 on 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Hey @Vincent_Visser, Asana does not currently support this. We’ve been asking for it since April 2018. Add your vote to the list of over 1000 people if you get a chance.

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Hi There!
I am experiencing the same issue, and more and more people at my company are asking. I would love a feature where we could turn the on and off the subtasks.

Promoting them to tasks would make a giant mess. Our customers are ongoing projects, so we use sections and parent tasks to keep things in control. It would also just fall on me to manage, maintain and train everyone to keep this working, and it’s a heavy workload to change the behavior when it would make sense for the tool to have this option.

Our workaround was we duplicated then, pushed into a giant chart then delete the duplicate which we made into a project. Attached, I Would love it if we could just have this in projects in Asana.