Basic Calculations

Hi All !

I need to add some basic calculations to an Asana Form or Asana Task.

The problem is: I need to create a task and assign it to X person on the financial department to send an amount of cash to retail stores. Something like

1$ x 100units = 100 $
5$ x 100units = 500$

and so on…

Today, this problem is solved using an Excel file that is sent to and email … but we can’t do a proper tracking of the follow up, so we need to add it to asana.

I can Use Excel and the integrate the file … but I need some automation on it.

Thank you in advance

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Pedro_Mendonça!

You can utilise custom fields to enter the value such as the amount and the quantity, however at this stage calculations are not really possible yet. In list view sums of average can be displayed already, but you cannot multiply yet. Here is an existing feedback request to upvote.

You should be able to achieve this with tools such as Asana2Go

Now in terms of automating the follow-up can you clarify what exactly you want to set up?
You can definitely achieve a lot by setting up rules and you can even send
emails via Gmail triggered by rules.

Does that help?

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My can help in the calculation and the communication, but it won’t update the task. For that, consider contacting @Bastien_Siebman for a custom solution.



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