App which can handle evaluations

Hi! I am looking for an app I may integrate to Asana which can help me evaluate projects (which has been handled in Asana as boards or tasks). It must be able to have some basic function like: calculating average if I ask the client to evaluate the process on a scale from 1 to 5 eg.

Hi @gabriella.hernqvist, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

@lpb, is this something Gabriella can achieve with Asana2Go? :slight_smile:

Hi @gabriella.hernqvist, and thanks @Emily_Roman,

Yes, Asana2Go can handle this, but only in a custom report one writes (I also offer this service for clients). There are helper functions to allow you to do most anything; here’s the math helper, and some related ones:

That’s an example standard report that can be duplicated and modified as a start to a custom report.

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Hi! I am not sure this will help me, I didn’t really understood where and how I could make report sheets and how this reports sheets later one “communicate” with each other.

I can explain what I am looking for little bit more in detail. So my team is using Asana and we do an average 100 projects a year. Each project is today evaluated, by the clients and the projects members, in a separate system. That system helps me calculate basic stuff quality of the delivered project, quality of the brief etc. Month by month I access that system and collect the scoring result we have achieved at the moment. This helps me evaluate the entire process and things that we might need to change, remove, add eg.

I cannot be the only one how is evaluating the projects or results of the things coming out when working in Asana? How is everyone else doing this?