Reporting Functionality


Hi there, I am helping an interior design and renovation company integrate onto Asana and we are having difficulty when it comes to reporting and are looking for the proper integration.

I apologize if I’m posting in the wrong place!

The team wants to be able to see things such as:
- Status of current projects
- Time from start of project to completion of project
- The time people are taking to complete specific tasks
- Lost opportunities tracked and why
- Completed jobs, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and speed to completion
- Time between different aspects of the projects to speed up efficiency

The “Export to Google Sheets” feature helps but each team has 30+ projects at any given time, and the projects move in and out so frequently that manually adding them all to the dashboard is just a waste of resources.

Can I be pointed in the right way to getting a solution that will integrate properly with the platform? Or if there is a more straightforward fix?


@Evan_Pappas Your advanced reporting options are limited and will some of your requests will likely require custom fields. Most likely solutions are or the newly released Asana2Go Chrome Extension with either the reports it comes with or custom report options. In addition I believe the developer of Asana2Go develops custom reports.


Hi @Evan_Pappas and thanks @James_Carl.

Yes, perhaps Asana2Go could help as James suggests, though you’d need custom report(s) (which I’m happy to help with).

I’m not sure if you already have solutions for capturing all the data you mention; there would be many alternatives for the structure of that. I can’t tell if you would need/benefit from a time-tracking integration solution as well.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro Consultant at Trilogi Software


As @james mentioned, I am also able to create a custom dashboard… Maybe Asana will have a more powerful reporting solution one day, in the mean time you’re gonna have to use external solutions :wink:


Hi @Evan_Pappas I suggest you take a look at Screenful add-on for Asana. You’ll get at least some of those reports out-of-the-box.