An advanced (should be simple) reporting challenge - Filtered Tasks to Formatted Google Doc

This SHOULD be simple, but I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Does anyone have a solution for this (Premium tier):

On an ad-hoc, but typically weekly basis, we want to create:

  1. A not-ugly report in an editable Google Doc
  2. For a specified Asana list-view project
  3. For all tasks within that project that have a specific tag
  4. With the tasks grouped and under their section headings in the specified project
  5. Including task name, start and end dates, assignee, and whatever else we might choose

Without needing to

  • Spend forever tidying up the output every time
  • Go through a whole bunch of export-import steps every single time
  • Go through a chain of four or five tools every single time
  • Rely on PC/Mac based software (i.e. using cloud/browser tools)
  • Write significant custom code (but open to advanced techniques)
  • Pay a fortune (and test out / prove the concept for free)

I’ve tried Bridge24, Asana2Go, Saved Search CSV exports, every listed Asana integrated tool that looked promising, and more besides, and am at the end of my tether. The closest I’ve come is Bridge24, maybe their paid tier reporting can achieve this but getting the free-tier reports into a Google Doc has not resulted in anything presentable.

Even a simple, solid, CSV-to-Custom-Report (with defined grouping and layout etc) in a Google Doc would be helpful, if anyone knows of such a beast.

I have a custom solution to generate a web page dashboard 100% customizable. Would that interest you?

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Perhaps at some point - but it sounds too complex for our current need.

I’m interested. Can you tell me more?

I totally get you, this frustrates me too. I’m having to create reports in Bridge24 but even then they’re not presentable and involve alot of editing afterwards to be sufficient. It really bugs me how we cant create reports in Asana, like it shouldn’t be too hard to just implement a feature that allows you to export selected data in a presentable way.

Perhaps this new, all-purpose, dynamic output from Asana2Go could help someone in this thread? (Disclaimer: I’m the creator)



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