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We use a monthly closing checklist in our accounting department, and I am trying to set up the same functionality in Asana. I’ve got it all working (I think) except for the reporting. I need to export a task-level report that shows each task and each subtask [or I could convert to be each section and each task], who completed each, and on what date. I need that as a “freestanding”/“static” PDF to attach to the monthly report sent to management and investors. I have looked at the google sheets instructions, and I’ve got two problems:
(1) It doesn’t appear that you can get task-level data out
(2) I don’t see how to create a “record report” - it’s all about data measurement.
Is there a way to do this in Google Sheets or using some other tool?


Hey @Damon_Hemmerdinger; Michael from Asana here

This is a great question that I highly recommend that you use advanced search for. Additional information on advanced search is available at the following link:

That said, allow me to guide you on how you should configure your search filters to achieve your desired outcomes.

Begin by clicking the search bar prompt at the top of your Desktop browser;

  • Select the 4th drop down menu that appears titled “Advanced Search”;

  • Input the necessary filters you wish to search for, including: Tasks, Completion, Assignee & Completed by/within date or dates

  • If this is a search you run often, simply click the star in the header of the search result, which will save the search for you to easily run a report with the same criteria at any other point in the future

  • Once you have run this search, I proceed by clicking the dropdown carrot next to the search’s title, hover your cursor over Export/Print and select the CSV option.

This will allow you to download the CSV file that you can then import to your Google Sheets t. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to adjust the data according to the needs of your audience (management and/or investors) that can then be saved as a PDF, effectively leveraging the data you’ve just collected in the format in which you need it.

Hopefully this helps clarify how to use things a little more!


I have a CSV to PDF converter that I donated to the community that is currently being fixed to reflect addition of Start Date. If you run in a Windows environment I think it would do what you want. It should be fixed within about 10 days.


Thanks; Can I get completion date/time and completed by to show up in the exported CSV?


James, where do I find that?


My programmer is still fixing this weekend and then I will give you a google drive url to download and try.




@Michael_A, thanks but the export still does not show the name of the person who completed the task. How do I fix this?



Hi @Damon_Hemmerdinger

This is actually expected. Asana does not capture who marks a Task complete, only who has been assigned a Task & that the Task has been completed. The logic & philosophy behind this is that is that those who are assigned Tasks are the ones who mark the Tasks they are assigned complete them. But also

“When nobody knows who’s doing what, and when someone doesn’t feel ultimately responsible for driving work forward, the work may not happen at all.”

Hope this adds clarity & a little insight on why this is the case presently!

If you like, I’d be happy to pass on your feedback if you feel strongly about including this info for future reports

Let me know if you have any other questions


That would make sense if only the assignee could mark a task complete, but that’s not the case. I’d ask that you reconsider - I think it’s different from having one assignee, which I do think makes complete sense. The use case I want to apply it to requires this piece of info for audit history.