Google sheet & Asana reporting


I need to have all tasks for a project in Asana included in a Google sheet, is there a way to do so?

The Dashboard reporting only shows the count of tasks, but I need the task name as well, date due and a progress percentage.



Hi @Jamie_Li

At this point, there’s no way of doing that through the Google Sheets report. That’s based on the dashboard, which is why it’s strictly high-level. If you want more detail, there are 2 options I’d recommend:

If you have a premium account, you can export project data to csv via advanced search. Go to advanced search and type all of the relevant projects into the ‘In Projects’ box.


Click Search, save the results as a report, then export to csv. You’ll get a spreadsheet that contains task id, title, assignee, completion date, etc. You can work with that in Excel, or upload to Google Sheets if you need it there. I use this method, in combination with some of the high-level data from the dashboard report, to build a large, detailed report each month. Now that the advanced search is set up, it takes me hardly any time to put it all together. The obvious disadvantage is that the data is only reflective of the moment I manually export it. It’s not live.

The second option is to use Bridge24. This is very similar to the dashboard report, in the sense that the data regularly updates, but with a much more detailed breakdown at the task level. You can export to csv for free for up to 50 rows, and then you need a paid subscription. If you’re working with a large number of different projects on a regular basis, though, it might be worth it.

It’s worth messing around and testing both of these methods to see which gives you the most valuable data. Good luck with it.


Thanks Mark, yes, we have premium account, I will try the advanced search first.