Recommended reporting integration?

I’d like to take the data from multiple projects and create an executive dashboard without having to code. The dashboard needs to include the current_status field, which doesn’t seem to be included in the project export within Asana. Any suggestions on an integration product that might work?

Hi Kimberly,

You might find my descriptions in this post helpfull. A better Dashboard for high level overview

That is how we use the dashboard funtionc and the google export to create what you are looking for, if i understand you correctly.



Great advice, @Peter_Skjoldager.

@Kimberly_Cakebread I agree that the Google Sheets dashboard integration could be a good solution, and you can also find more information on this on the Guide here:

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This thread is a couple years old, but in case other people are looking for good reporting integrations, Velocity is an Asana reporting integration that supports many use cases, including reporting on the status of tasks. You can also create Data Links in Velocity, which let you sync Asana data to a Google Sheet automatically.

The best solution will depend on what your needs are. You can find a number of Asana reporting integrations in the Reporting category of the Asana App Directory.

(Disclosure: I’m a founder of Velocity.)