Ensure team alignment with workflow!

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I just wanted to share some news about an add on, Unito. You might know Unito as an integration tool — for the past few years we’ve enabled you to build deep, two-way connections between Asana, and other work tools, like Trello, Github, and more. But today we’ve launched an evolution of our product that’s focused on workflow management. The big change is a brand new, drag-and-drop workflow designer. In just a few clicks you can visually map out your workflow as it crosses tools and teams.

I wanted to share a few use cases for this new workflow tool that could be relevant to Asana users.

  • Build multi-tool workflows to capture all steps in a cross-functional project. Build rules that allow key project information to flow from tool to tool and stakeholder to stakeholder in real-time.

  • Build a product backlog workflow that allows users in Asana to submit requests to users in other tools, and track the progress on those requests without ever leaving their preferred tool.

  • Build a reporting workflow where key updates from multiple team members flow up to the project/board of a manager, so they’re always in the loop.

1. Complete Workflow.png

The goal of this new workflow offering is really to increase the visibility of work and empower users to align teams across tools — which is particularly hard when everyone is remote.

Unito offers a two-week free trial, here, if you’re curious. We’d love to know what you think!


FYI I tried this new version and I found the UI to be quite nice - was definitely easy to use.

A use case I tried out is actually not to link Asana to another tool but to link Asana to Asana; that is, to keep two Asana projects in sync. This could be useful for those scenarios where you want to share a project with external/other stakeholders but don’t want to give them access to the actual source project.


Great to hear @Phil_Seeman!

Thanks for sharing @Jillian_Amyot!

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