Tracking KPIs

Hey there, does anyone have any experience tracking KPIs in Asana. Not sure how to go about this yet, and would love some ideas.

Thank you!

Hi @Kellee_Kosiorek,

I offer a couple of solutions described here:

One is free and one a one-time fee including a presentation that contrasts these solutions and Asana’s Portfolios (available with Business tier) which is recommended by Asana for this kind of use.

See also the OKR entry in The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana for related other ideas.



Thank you for your help!

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Hi all,

I’m circling back to my original question as I’m still trying to figure out how best to do this. My team is working to create a new compensation plan for our employees. We’d like to track:

  • Project timeline
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Project budget
  • Quality of deliverables

Does anyone have any tips on tracking this in Asana and creating benchmarks so we can compensate our team for improvement?



Looking to do the same thing, did you ever find a solution @Kellee_Kosiorek?

I’m interested in learning more about this solution.

@Naomi_Harmon, Thanks for your interest; I’ve just PM’ed you here in the Forum. --Larry