Goals vs. portfolios

I got to Asana as I’ve a client looking to replace his current OKR tool (AchieveIt). I thought that maybe Asana Goals could be a simpler alternative, but was disappointed to find that parent goals status doesn’t update automatically as child goal status and percentage complete are updated. (At least-- this is what I’ve understood to this point, so please correct me if this isn’t so.)

So–I was wondering if portfolios could work for OKR tracking? I have 6 strategic objectives and I want a way to have a dashboard view of their completion status, in real-time. So, say, I created 6 projects, one for each strategic objectives. Then set up the OKRs as tasks within each project. Assuming the status of the tasks within the project would roll up to the portfolio level, then I would have a useable portfolio dashboard view, right? (It’s a bit hard to tell from the info available.) Appreciate any help!


I see you’ve private messaged me re:

and I’ve replied privately, but I wanted to reply publicly here too in reply to your question about Portfolios:

Yes, you could use Portfolios as you indicate. Another option is to rollup via Milestones (instead of regular Tasks as you wrote) and then in the Portfolio toggle the Task Progress column to show Milestones instead of Tasks


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Hi @Nanci_Brown1. Below is link to a video tutorial (a prior post by @Daniel_Iversen) showing how to incorporate OKRs using Portfolios. I’ve definitely got value from it. Hope it helps!

FWIW for people who have Asana Business (and thus access to Portfolios) I’ve made a little video of (yet another) alternative way of structuring company planning/goals in Asana (OKR method or not) that works well and gives quite a high degree of visibility and “connectedness”:



Thank you both! I’m so impressed by your knowledge and willingness to help. I will check out the recommended features shortly. Much appreciated!


@Bernie_Orelup and @Nanci_Brown1,

I just watched Daniel’s fine video (great reference, @Bernie_Orelup!) for the first time and he uses the very approach Nanci proposed (so you can see it without having to try yourself!), but also he incorporates the Milestones tweak that I recommended in my prior reply.