How to create a way of tracking goals/values

Is there a way in Asana to track progress on goals for example? My team has a set of values that we would like to monitor, and wondering what the best solution would be to have this in Asana? I’m sorry if this question has been answered already, but I’m looking more for creative ideas rather than classic KPI management. Thank you!

Hi @Ioana_Luca. Thanks for the question. In your case, could you be more specific in what type of values you wish to monitor and track? Are these more objective based goals to meet or are they progressive values requiring input? There are a lot of feedback on the forum around using Asana for tracking OKRs (Objective and Key Results) which I can point you to, but I want to make sure that is what you are asking about.

Hi @Bernie_Orelup,

The values would be progressive rather than objective-based. There won’t be an end goal to begin with, but rather a constant improvement on those values which we can measure somehow. For instance there’s the value Service. How can we track the progress we have made with this value? Hope that makes it clearer. Thanks!

Hi @Ioana_Luca. In regards to KPI tracking for your company, I would focus first on making sure you have clear objectives/goals outlined to meet (yearly/quarterly/etc). Then for these goals, what is the best way to measure your results to ensure progress is being made? I personally feel it is better to define your KPIs, and then understand what tools/systems (ex - Asana) can be used to help measure & track them vs the other way. Asana is a great way to create systems and structure which enable you to collect data to then incorporate into KPIs.

In your example around the value Service, one option is to establish a Customer Feedback Project in Asana. How to track and manage customer feedback | Product guide • Asana The data collected can then be used to track KPIs such as # of Complaints, % FCR - first contact resolutions, Net Promoter Score…). Another option to consider is the use of Asana forms Forms • Asana. These can be used to collect data from internal or external customers to then incorporate into KPIs. Finally, there are a lot of 3rd party Asana integrations which can be used to help complement Asana and collect/track data as needed to support the KPIs (Ex - Grow, Velocity, Gtmhub to name a few).

One last piece of advice is don’t try to overcomplicate the tracking and set-up of KPIs. Often the simpler the tracking method (ex - spreadsheets), the better. Whatever works. Hope this helps.

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Great, thanks for the suggestions @Bernie