How to measure Productivity using Asana?



How can we measure productivity in Asana. I would like to know as we have a different set up in JIRA, whereas in Asana - how can i set KPI for developers and track on man hours they spend on a task without any add ons- for a paid user. Also how effective would it be?


Hi @Vijay_Chinnaraj i saw your post today and i believe i have a solution for you.
We’ve been working on a productivity solution to help track progress for projects and individuals who use Asana.

It’s in early beta but already fully functioning, i’m certain it’ll provide at least some of the features you’re missing at the moment. we’re happy to receive feedback, you can help us design the product around your own needs.

If you’re interested, please contact me directly at personal email and I’d be to happy provide more information and a link to get started.



Hi @Vijay_Chinnaraj! This is a question we get a lot here at Asana. I recommend using one of Asana’s reporting tools. You may find a combination of Progress reports, Dashboards, and Advanced search to be helpful.

Here are a few resources I recommend you dig into: