Employee Productivity Report

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I’m trying to measure employee productivity with Asana. I have a dedicated time tracking project for each employee with custom fields: actual hour, expected hour and category. I’m exporting results in CSV. Can someone give me useful tips and/or formulas on how can i measure employee productivity, overall productivity, overdue tasks so that at the end of every month i have a report who’s doing well or bad, which category needs more attention and so on.

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Hi @lasha_kupatadze, you might also be interested by these third-party integrations that allow you to both track and report on employee’s productivity: Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hey Marie,

Thanks for the link. It definitely should help.

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In TMetric the reporting fuctions include apps usage (presented in the chart with the names of the sites visited) and this info linked to time calculations so the picture of overall activity and productivity is proved with visual, so to speak.
In the context of the reports generating discussion, I would like to ask what else could be offered as the parameter of assessment.