Asana users, how do you schedule your tasks and manage your to-do list?

I personally use Asana for team collaboration, especially since I’ve been working exclusively remotely.

I’m curious! - for those who use Asana on a daily basis with their team, how do you schedule your tasks - actually block time for each or them - and manage your to-do list (if you have one)?

I work for a productivity app that integrates with Asana, we’re lucky to be one of their Technology Partners, and I’d like to have a better understanding from Asana users how we can help them get better in their productivity.

Any feedback and shared experience would be really appreciated! Thanks guys!

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Hi @BarateGites, thanks for reaching out to our Community!

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #usecases to make your post more visible to those hoping to get involved in the conversation! I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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Hey @BarateGites,

We use Asana in the marketing department here at to delegate tasks and keep ourselves organized. Personally, I don’t use it to block time but rather track progress and status’ within the task description so I know where I left off if I have to make a quick pivot to something else.

I guess the TLDR is collaboration and progress tracking.

Hi @ReidT, thanks for sharing!

Feel free to post about how you use Asana in your Marketing department in this “How Asana’s Marketing Team uses Asana” post!

How Asana’s Marketing Team uses Asana - #2

The more tips and tricks shared, the merrier! :slight_smile: :rocket:

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