Using Asana for scheduling purposes

HI! My office is new to Asana and came highly recommended to use for our scheduling of employees shifts all in one place. I am struggling with how to use this. Can anyone offer some tips, hints, suggestions, etc? Thanks!!

Hi @Cicily_A_Nonemaker

Define 'scheduling". Asana is not a scheduling tool but a project management tool.

I have had clients use a Board view whereby the columns are shifts and tasks are employees. They have custom fields for clock in and clock out and the description is their duty for the day. Rule that when someone clocks a task comment for “clocked in” or “clocked out” is added.

However, this is not a time tracking tool that give hours per day/week.

You can use time trackers such as Everhour, Harvest, or Toggl to track hours.

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I am here to second @Getz_Pro’s comment about Asana not being a scheduling tool. I have tried to help clients implement this and it’s not a great shift scheduler.

Clockify just added a scheduling feature. That may be an option for you, but these all seem like they are project scheduling tools, which I’m still not sure is what you are looking for.

Sorry it has taken me this long to respond! In my previous job I utilized the calendar on Microsoft Outlook to list when people were out of the office, working from home, half days, etc. It worked great because at that large corporation everyone had email access. Where I am working now it is a very small practice, only 20 employees, and only certain people have email access.

I am looking for a way to utilize a calendar for everyone to be able to view that shows all of the above so I do not have to print out a calendar and pass it out to 20 people which I feel not the best use of time! I can also make changes and people would see these changes immediately. This would also be a source of tracking for us.

Does that make sense??

PTO Project
Each employee’s time off as a task
Task due date as time off range

Thank you! I will try that!