Getting tasks on a calendar for a specific time / duration


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Our CEO and others use their calendar to manage their workflow. I know that Asana has a google integration that allows you to see tasks by due date as all day tasks but this has two really specific issues.

  1. I don’t want to see things on their due date, I want to see them the day they need to be worked on…what I call a “work on” date. Can’t figure out why project management tools have that. I could use start date but then it shows up across many days.

  2. I need task to be able to be scheduled at specific times. Like I’m going to work on the PPT presentation on Tuesday from 11 am to 1pm. Yes, I know it’s due Thursday but I need to do it on Tuesday cause I have other “stuff” to do.

I’m considering if I can create special fields and figure out how to use something like Zapier or to push tasks in a certain way. I would love an integration that’s already set up and I’m totally open to changing google calendar.

We have google and salesforce.



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Hi @natalie.bergsma :wave:t3: and thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman.

  1. I would really encourage you to use start date, this is the easiest way to see these tasks in advance. Another alternative would be to use a tag or custom field for your “work on” date; you could then sort your My Task or project by this custom field/tag to prioritize your work.

  2. For scheduling your task based on due times in your Google Calendar, I’d recommend checking out this 3 third-party integrations:

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!