native time tracking and reports

Right now we are using In monday there is a very deep and fully working time tracking with advanced reporting option. Now we switched to asana and see the native time tracking. We dont wanna use thirdparty solution.

In help docs we find only simple information about time tracking and reporting.
Also the asana support was not able to help and only send basic email with doc links we already know…

So my questions are:

We have +50 projects.
a) If a project is based on hour tracking, most of all projects need a reporting about current balance and hours we already spend. So most of all projects like this need an monthly reporting via email. How to send automated email with that information please? Not possible with asana?! We need to do this for all 50 projects every month manualy???

b) We show the balance (time not used) in report.
c) We wanna show the already tracked time individual (5h, 8h, 2h)
d) And finaly: we wanna show the already tracked time (total) in report.

In monday you can automate this job in 10 minutes. What about asana?


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