Time tracking reporting by task

I have a question about reporting on time tracking in Asana: is it possible to report on time spent by task? It can be done by project and custom field, but not by task. Ideally I would like to know the total time spent by task, when it was logged, and by whom.

I know Asana is capturing this information, but I don’t know how I can access it.

I am sure why you say it is not possible. Native time tracking does exactly this. And a custom field allows you to track PER task already (you don’t have the details indeed)

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We need a report for this!

I need to be able to pull a report of all the tasks Designer X added Actual Time to in the last 7 days. Why is this not a feature?

@anon65738400 I guess I should make a feature request? Are you aware of one already?

Yes there are a slew of time tracking requests in the Product Feedback forum. I’ve considered consolidating all of them into one but haven’t found the time.

Hi @anon65738400 and @TrevorWiser the time tracking custom field (+timeyourwork) will do the time tracking and you can then reporting on total time by Assignee in the dashboard over the last x days

Correct but as soon as you add the Assignee filter to the reporting chart, you lose the functionality to click-through the chart to a list of the tasks that meet the criteria.

We need a list of tasks that have had time added to them by an assignee (or Time Added By field) for a specific day.

I’ve also tried a workaround via Saved Search but there is no Time Entered Date field on save search panels the way there is in a Reporting dashbaord.

Are there any updates on this? We are considering moving to Asana, but I need a list of tasks with time logged last month by project for invoicing.

The reporting dashboard has these filters for time entry date and who logged time. But search and the list views are missing these filters, which is where we’d get a list of all tasks/invoice line items.

Are there any workarounds?

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Hi @Ben_Daron welcome to the forum - there are the new time tracking fields that are task based: https://help.asana.com/hc/en-us/articles/14101461379867-Time-Tracking

This is on Asana Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.

How do we breakdown how much time a specific assignee has spent on various tasks throughout the week? Seems like you can only see aggregated time by assignee or by project.

Hi Erin, inside there you would click on your team member and drop it down it will show you what tasks are making up the workload and in what projects

Ah thanks! I don’t see a way to do that though? Screenshot attached. When I click on the little bar chart lines it just goes to the project itself, not tasks.

Hi Erin, this is in the dashboard. You need to click on workload tab in portfolio

Oh got it we no longer have access to that since we are only on a business plan so I was trying to work around it with the native time tracking custom field.

You could use that graph you set up but change the reporting from projects to tasks

@Danielle-GenD - thanks for all your help. Other than going task by task and writing down estimated vs. actual for every assignee, I don’t see an option for a breakdown of that information. I’ve clicked an assignee to see ALL the tasks they logged time to, but I need to report on every one of those tasks compared to every one of those tasks’ estimated time. For example: I estimate someone should spend 2 hours on a task. They spend 1 hour on it. I want a report that shows me that information for specific tasks within a project and all tasks within a project. Is that possible?